General Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions must adhere to the guidelines in the corresponding Call for Proposals or Concept Notes.
  • All proponents must submit proposals online through the Submittable. Mailed, emailed, or faxed proposals will not be accepted or acknowledged.
  • The deadline set by system's time is based on Bangkok/Hanoi/Jakarta time (GMT +7) and the system set that it does not allow for entries or changes to entries after the deadline date and time.
  • To ensure that you receive messages about  the status of your proposal, please use a valid email address and ensure that the email from Submittable is in your spam whitelist.
  • After successfully submitting the proposal, the proponent will receive an email message confirming receipt of the submission. The message will contain your proposal ID number for future reference. Please include this number on all correspondence concerning your proposal.

The Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET) invites qualified tenderers to submit proposals for Midterm Evaluation (MTE) of SUMERNET 4 All Programme. For details of tender, please consult the Invitation to Tender and Terms of Reference (TOR) of the MTE.


The tenderers must submit the tenders by the deadline by 31st July 2021 (Bangkok time).

The tender documents must include the following documents:

1. Technical proposal: It must describe how the assignment would be carried out and what competencies would be made available to the assignment in such detail as to enable an assessment against the evaluation criteria for tenders as specified in Section 3. The tender must contain an acknowledgement that the tenderer has the technical, financial and other knowledge requirements for performing the assignment, within the timeframes specified in the TOR of the MTE. The technical proposal (excluding appendixes) should include not more than 5,000 words. The CV of each member in the evaluation team (not more than 3 pages each) should be included in the appendix.

2. Financial proposal:

Total price for the assignment must not be higher than 250,000 SEK (VAT and other taxes inclusive).

a) All costs must be given in Swedish Crowns (SEK).

b) The tender must include any and all costs for the assignment and state the total cost of the assignment, and be specified as:

  • Professional fee per day and person and in total,
  • Travel and all travel associated costs, including accommodation and per diem compensations (to be reimbursed based on actual expenditures),
  • other costs (please specify).

The tender documents are only accepted ONLY THROUGH our online submission platform  by completing the form below.

Tender submission through other channels WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


The following are important dates pertinent to this tendering process:

  • 18 June 2021: Launch of the invitation to tender
  • 30 June 2021: Last day for submitting questions about   tender
  • 9 July 2021: SEI response to tenderers’ questions
  • 31 July 2021: Deadline of the tender submission
  • 2 – 6 August 2021: Review and Selection
  • 9 - 13 August 2021: Endorsement from SUMERNET Steering   Committee and Sida
  • 16 – 18 August 2021: Anticipated announcement of tender results
  • 18 – 20 August 2021: Expected kick-off meeting arranged with successful tenderer
  • 23 – 30 August 2021: Contracting process
  • 1 September 2021: Anticipated assignment start date

The research ideas, concept notes, proposals or projects that are developed by at least one SUMERNET partner institute for the work in the Mekong region but funded outside of SUMERNET's programme are eligible to apply to consider as the SUMERNET projects. However, the endorsement entails no financial support for the project, although the project may benefit from exposure within the network and SUMERNET regional activities and events.

Criteria/conditions for endorsement by SUMERNET 

  1. Research project endorsed by SUMERNET should address significant issues under the SUMERNET themes.
  2. The project needs to provide the following outputs: 
  • 1-page summary of the project for the website and SUMERNET project profile booklet
  • 1-page summary for annual progress report and 2-page summary for final completion report
  • Acknowledging SUMERNET as one of supporters in all project outputs such as peer review papers, book chapers, policy briefs, press release, article for newspapers, TV news, film and other communications products.

Application process 

  1. SUMERNET partner who participates in the project submits a letter of interest to endorse their research concept notes, proposals or projects as the SUMERNET projects together with required (non-funding) supports from SUMERNER to the Secretariat. 
  2. The Secretariat reviews the application and submits the Secretariat’s comments and recommendations together with all supporting documents to the SC for consideration (within 2 weeks)
  3. The Secretariat informs the results of SC decision to the applicant (within 1 week). 
  4. If the project is endorsed as the SUMERNET project, a MOU will be signed between the SUMERNET Secretariat and partners to implement the above SUMERNET supports and partner responsibilities.
  5. After the MOU signed, the Secretariat will coordinate with the project team in making the announcement of new SUMERNET project on SUMERNET mailing list and website as appropriate. 

This online form is facilitating collection relevant information of the project proposed for endorsement. This information will be considered by SUMERNET SC and Secretariat on the endorsement decision.

SUMERNET 4 All Small Grants

This grant aims to support SUMERNET members in conducting various smaller-scale activities that improve the influence of SUMERNET research as listed below.

Total funds available in this round is 500,000 SEK (~US$ 55,000). The budget for each grant is between 30,000 SEK and 50,000 (~3,300-5,500 US$/grant). Depending on the quality of applications and their proposed budgets, up to 10-17 applications can be granted in this round. Individuals as well as organizations are eligible to apply. Funds need to be spent within a period of six months.

Recipients of previous or current SUMERNET grants are eligible to apply if proposed activities are not already covered by other grants of SUMERNET and they demonstrate the capacity to perform the activities specified in the application, without impacting earlier committed work with SUMERNET.

Detailed call document and templates can be found at:


  1. The small grants can support the following types of activities:
  2. Hosting events for policy engagement, transdisciplinary dialogues, and knowledge-based policy development
  3. Participating in relevant academic, policy, media, or capacity building events to communicate research results
  4. Engaging in events, consultations and activities with key stakeholders such as policy makers, members of marginalized groups and/or women’s associations
  5. Exchange visits with other projects or teams for enhancing collaboration
  6. Activities or events to support proposal development with participation of different organizations, individuals or countries
  7. Support the production of academic or non-academic[1] communications materials based on past or ongoing research, studies or assessments to influence regional policy and practice or raise public awareness on water insecurity topics
  8. Monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes and impacts of past projects funded by SUMERNET in previous phases

Selection Criteria

Successful applications must fulfill the following criteria:


  • Focus on reducing water insecurity for all, in particular, for poor, marginalized and socially vulnerable groups of women and men in the Mekong Region
  • Proposed activities are in line with the scope of small grants
  • Consider gender and social equality, conflict sensitivity, pro-poor and rights-based approaches are mainstreamed into the design and implementation of the proposed activity
  • Have significant potential to lead to bigger impact in the future (e.g., impact on policy, practice, public awareness, additional funding could be secured, demonstrate the changes from past research inspire other network members or researchers, expanded partnership, increased cooperation)
  • Plan for realistic activities that could be implemented even though the pandemic may continue in the region
  • Ability to manage the project and complete the activities within six months
  • The Lead Applicant must be a SUMERNET member from the Mekong Region. Applicants can apply to become a member, either before or on the date of proposal submission by filling in this online form
  • Young professionals (professionals with age under 35) are also eligible to be the Lead Applicant or Co-lead Applicant. However, if they are under 25 years old, they need to have one or more experienced expert(s) to serve as their Co-lead Applicant or mentor to support the implementation of small grant activities. Their application will be assessed separately.


  • Applications led/co-led by women and involving female team members, young professionals and boundary partners are strongly encouraged.


All activities and reports must be completed within 6 months.

Application instructions

Interested applicants must submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) along with CV of Lead Applicant in this platform.  Email submissions will not be accepted. More detailed call and template of EOI are available at   

If Lead Applicant or Co-lead Applicant are young professionals with age under 25 years, the CV of more senior expert(s) as Co-lead Applicant or mentor should be provided.

Required Documents

  • 2-page CV of Lead Applicant
  • 2-page CVs of Team Members
  • 2-page CVs of Senior co-lead if lead applicant is a young professional under 25 years old
  • Other supporting documents

Important Dates

  • 23 July 2021: launch of the call
  • 31 August 2021: deadline for submission
  • 1 - 17 September 2021: proposal review
  • 27 - 30 September 2021: anticipated dates of award announcement

To initiate application, please complete the submission form.

SUMERNET 4 All Rapid Response Research Grant

This grant will fund research that will provide evidence that directly contributes to ongoing planning or decision-making processes at national or regional levels, which address challenges being faced and help reduce water insecurities for the poor, marginalized and socially vulnerable groups of women and men in the Mekong Region. 

The research priorities of this call are aligned with three research themes of SUMERNET 4 All below:

1. Water access, rights, and allocation in times of water insecurity. 

2. Governance and management of water-related disaster risks.

3. Transboundary interactions with water systems. 

Expedited timelines apply throughout the process to ensure delivery meets rapid response needs. It is expected that contracting and start-up of successful project is equally expedited. The research project leader and team members are required to treat the award(s) arising from the call with urgency. 

In this round, funding support will not exceed 400,000 SEK (~US$ 45,000) per research project to be completed within 6-12 months. For this round of call, not more than four grants will be awarded in 2021.

Detailed call document and templates can be found at:

Details of this call

The format of applications is based on a shortened version of the well-established SUMERNET 4 All collaborative research funding instrument. We emphasize that applications with involvement of policymakers and planners, practitioners and marginalized women and men are particularly welcome, as are those lead or co-lead by women.

Successful applications will have to fulfil the following aspects:

  1. Addressing current challenges on water insecurity of significant importance for the Mekong Region, in line with at least one of the above research themes of SUMERNET 4 All.
  2. Providing evidence that directly contributes to ongoing planning or decision-making processes at national or regional levels to help reduce water insecurities for the poor, marginalized and socially vulnerable groups of women and men in the Mekong Region.
  3. Rapid response research covers the whole of the Mekong Region or at least two countries as the study area.
  4. A multidisciplinary research approach that includes gender and social equality, human rights, conflict sensitivity, and governance and poverty reduction as key targets.
  5. Engagement with a diverse group of team members in the project that represent diverse genders, ages, races and are at different stages in their research career is an advantage, especially if the project has a female lead.
  6. End beneficiaries of this rapid response research are the marginalized and most vulnerable groups in the Mekong Region.
  7. Lead agency and Team Leader have extensive experience and proven capacity to manage the grant that engages with interdisciplinary experts in water sector for the Mekong Region.
  8. Project team has proven experience and expertise to carry out the proposed rapid research.
  9. Including realistic activities that could be implemented and completed within the proposed project period even though the pandemic may continue in the region.
  10. Providing letter of support or request from target user(s) of future research findings to certify that there is a real need for this research while not compulsory will certainly be an advantage. 

Who can apply?

Lead Applicant (LA) needs to demonstrate that she/he has the skills, knowledge and support necessary to direct the proposed research and to be actively engaged in carrying the research through its completion. The LA will need to show appropriate evidence of expertise and experience matched to the nature and context of research project. LA must be a formal SUMERNET network member. (You can apply to be a SUMERNET network member if you have not registered as network member yet using this link: 

If lead organization has prior experience in receiving the grant(s) from SUMERNET or other programmes of SEI, the application would be an advantage. However, they will need to demonstrate that their project team can perform the activities specified in the application, without impacting the work earlier committed with SUMERNET or related ongoing tasks in their organizations.

Project team members could be the experts from SUMERNET network or other networks.

How to apply?

The Expression of Interest (EoI) form (available at this link) must be completed to ensure eligibility. Reference is made in the form to SUMERNET website where information on the programme’s goal, objectives and priority themes, as well as operating approach, boundary partners, capacity development etc. is made. Please refer to this when submitting the EoI.

All applications must submit an Expression of Interest and supporting documents using this online submission platform. Email submissions will not be accepted.

Important dates

  • Launch of the call: 23 July 2021
  • Deadline of EoI submission: 20 September 2021
  • EoI review: 21 September - 8 October 2021
  • Anticipated dates of announcement: 18 - 20 October 2021

To submit, please complete the following online submission form.

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